Freight Shipping Services

Heavy Equipment Repair and Servicing

One of the best things about choosing a freight forwarder is having access to a number of services other than just transport. Here at United States of Freight, we offer not only to haul almost anything to almost anywhere in the world, we also provide a number of heavy equipment repair and maintenance services for the machinery you need to ship! Whether it’s a forklift, truck, or another type of heavy machinery, we can provide the service your equipment requires during the transportation process.

Heavy Equipment Servicing

At United States of Freight, we offer a number of services to keep your heavy equipment maintained so it’s ready to run smoothly when it gets to its destination. These services include:

Heavy Equipment Repair and Servicing | United States of FreightPreventative Maintenance: Since breakdowns and repair can become expensive, it’s best to try to prevent them from happening in the first place. We’re here to provide any preventative maintenance your car, truck, tractor, or heavy equipment may require. Preventative maintenance includes identifying and practicing manufacture standards according to your specific equipment. Usually, this means inspection and maintenance measures every 60-90 days.

Inspections: Routine inspection can help to prevent major issues down the road and let you know if any repairs need to be made immediately. Types of inspections offered include brake, oil and air filter, lube, engine, in-frame, clutch, welding, shocks and suspension, trailer, transmission, cooling system, and radiator inspections.

Tune-Ups: While inspection can help to identify current problems, tune-ups are a bit different. They are specific to the engine of your heavy machinery and include replacing spark plugs and making other adjustments which should be performed annually to maintain proper engine function. If you don’t think your engine is functioning up to par, a tune-up can help to reinstate peak performance.

Scheduled Maintenance: Any heavy machinery will include manufacture suggestions for scheduled maintenance. To keep your equipment running fluidly year round and extend the life of your machinery, it’s best to keep on schedule with any suggested maintenance. So, we offer these services for any heavy machinery you may have.

Oil Changes: Heavy equipment should have oil replaced either after a number of miles or after a predetermined amount of time. We can inspect oil levels, remove oil, and replace oil for any heavy equipment which requires this service.

Heavy Equipment Repair

Sometimes, preventative measures aren’t enough to keep machinery from breaking down or requiring some type of repair. United States of Freight offers a number of heavy equipment repair services including:

  • Mobile RepairHeavy Equipment Repair and Servicing | United States of Freight
  • Truck Repair
  • Engine Repair
  • Mast and Boom Repair
  • Transmission Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Hydraulic Repair
  • Shocks/Suspension Repair
  • Brake Repair
  • Counterweight Removal
  • Mast and Boom Removal

Here for All of Your Heavy Equipment Repair and Service Needs!

Whether your machinery is malfunctioning or you just want to make sure servicing is up to date, we can offer any heavy equipment repair or servicing you may need! To find out more about the service and repair process or get a quote for any of these services, contact us today!

Transload Services

Here at United States of Freight, we offer freight forwarding services which include any and all involvement throughout the transportation process. This includes transload services, which may be required for the successful pickup, transferring of carriers, and delivery during any shipment. Instead of determining your own crew to provide tranload services, renting cranes and forklifts, and finding your own carriers to perform the shipping you need, United States of Freight can perform all of these tasks for you!

What are Transload Services?

Transload Services for Shipping | United States of Freight

Basically, transloading entails the moving of goods being shipped from one method of transportation to another. This is important during shipments which travel far distances and require multiple means of transportation. Sometimes, it may be necessary to switch modes of transportation to save on overall costs or help orders get to their destination in a timely manner. For example, international shipments may need flatbed trucking to reach a port and transload services to be loaded onto an ocean freight carrier. Here at United States of Freight, we offer anything needed throughout the shipping process, including transload services which may be required for effective, economical, and on-time delivery.

An Overview of the Transload Process

Currently, most shipments which don’t involve oversized loads, dry bulk food products, or heavy machinery may be stored in standard storage containers. These containers make it easier to provide transload services because they can be moved via crane or forklift off of trailers and onto oceanic, railroad, or airplane transportation vehicles rather easily. However, methods of transportation are determined by products being shipped, timeline on shipments, and whether or not shipped goods can perish. If you don’t know if you’ll need transload services during the shipment of your goods or equipment, we can help to determine if they’re necessary! Plus, we’ll include these services in the estimation of our entire service.

The Benefit of Transload Services Provided by Freight Forwarders

Transload Services for Shipping | United States of FreightMost people who need transload services aren’t shipping goods or equipment locally. They’re sending cargo across the nation or even world. But, more often than not, these shipments need to go through a few different people’s hands to get where they need to go. And that’s because there may be a number of carriers involved. Choosing a freight forwarder for your shipping needs means dealing with one company, rather than a number of carriers. Additionally, it means transload services are included between carriers. You get one quote, one customer service number, and one representative when you choose a freight forwarder like United States of Freight! Save both the hassle and headache of searching high and low for affordable shipping solutions. Let us do it all for you!

Get Your Transload Services Included with Your Shipping Quote!

If you know the size, weight, and destination of your intended shipment, we can provide you a quote for the entire shipping process. This quote may include transload services or any other service you may need during the shipping process. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced representatives about receiving an estimate for your shipment!

Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed services allow you to transport cargo to almost anywhere in the United States. Here at United States of Freight, we offer a number of flatbed trucking solutions since we have established relationships with a number of experienced carriers which offer the latest and best in hauling equipment and customer service. Even if you have oversized loads or need to transport hazardous materials, there is a flatbed trucking solution offered through our freight forwarding services to meet your needs!

What are the Types of Flatbed Services?

Flatbed trailers are optimal for hauling items which can be loaded from the side of the trailer. Or, shipping large, bulky objects like heavy machinery which cannot be stored in dry vans. It’s the safest, most effective way to ship oversized, large materials. If you have heavy equipment or building materials which are too long for dry van or other shipping options, flatbed trucking solutions may be what you need. With a number of flatbed trailers to choose from, individuals even have the option to ship taller objects or vehicles which need to be driven or wheeled onto shipping trailer.

Trailer Options for Flatbed Services

Trailers come in a number of shapes and sizes to accommodate different size and shapes of flatbed loads. We offer a number of different flatbed trailers to assist hauling almost any shipment. Types of flatbed trailers available include:

Trucking and Flatbed Services | United States of FreightHot Shot Trailers: When shipping needs require the transport of smaller objects, it doesn’t make sense to invest in the full truck bed or specialized trailers. Hot shot trailers are smaller trucking solutions to meet the needs of smaller shipment sizes. Rather than choosing a larger solution, going with hot shot trailers may save the shipper in costs.

Double Drop and Extendable Trailers: Double drop trailers specialize in transporting extremely tall loads, up to 11’6” materials! They have two decks, with the middle section referred to as the “well” of the trailer. When the standardized trucking or shipping solution cannot be utilized when cargo is extra lengthy or bulky, these types of specialized trailers may be the best solution.

Multi-axle Trailers: With more axles, these types of trailers are designed to load and haul up to 225 tons of equipment or materials. More axles provide the ability to transfer more weight for a smoother, safer ride.

Trucking and Flatbed Services | United States of FreightLowboy Trailers: Meant to carry extremely heavy and tall items, these trailers offer a lower deck, making loading cargo a bit easier. But, the best thing about these trailers is that they can carry up to 80 tons, making them one of the best solutions for extremely heavy shipments.

RGN Trailers: An acronym for removable gooseneck trailers, this type of trailer has the option to detach the deck so that heavier, less easy-to-move materials can be easily loaded. Basically, the gooseneck deck drops and becomes a ramp so that oversized, large equipment and materials can be transported.

Step Deck Trailers: Otherwise referred to as “drop deck trailers”, these trailers are practically original flatbed trailers, but they have the capability to transport materials which are extra tall, up to 10’2” in height! Additionally, they offer the capability to add a ramp and drive cargo (machinery or automobiles) onto the trailer for easy pickup and delivery.

Need flatbed services or any other hauling service? Choose United States of Freight for all your needs. We’ll be with you every step of the way! Contact us today at (888) 231-2833.

Heavy Haul & Specialized

Here at United States of Freight, we pride ourselves in being able to find shipping solutions for even the largest of cargo. If you need something hauled, we’ll figure out a solution; and it won’t kill your pockets. With our established connections of heavy hauling carriers, we can find an effective delivery solution perfect for your oversized load and get it shipped anywhere in the country! Rather than searching high and low for a carrier who meets your needs, let us handle the specifics…and everything else!

What is Heavy Haul?

Heavy Haul and Specialized | United States of FreightHeavy haul is referred to in a number of ways including oversized, specialized, wide load, overweight, and over-dimensional shipping. It’s pretty much shipping solutions for equipment or machinery that can’t fit on the bed of a truck or shipping container. Usually, these types of shipments require specialized shipping materials, equipment, and paperwork. And, if you decide to go about choosing your own heavy haul carrier, you’ll have to know these specifications. Here at United States of Freight, you give us the information about where you need your oversized materials shipped and their dimensions and we provide a solution which will meet your needs!

The Oversized Shipping Process

Obviously, shipping oversized equipment and cargo call for advanced specifications and logistics. The process of hauling oversized shipments include:

Finding the Right Shipping Solution: Usually, heavy hauls will require the use of a truck with at least 7 axles. And, there may be a need for an extra long trailer, depending on the length and weight of the cargo.

Loading Cargo on the Trailer: This is one of the most difficult parts of heavy haul shipments. But, we offer solutions to make this part of the process fast and simple like cranes and other heavy lifting machinery. No matter the size, we can find a way to load your oversized shipment.

Acquiring Permits: Before the shipment can get off on the road for delivery, specialized permits need to be obtained. Each state has its own guidelines and regulations for shipping oversized loads. So, we make sure to acquire the right permits and follow regulations of each state your shipment will travel through. This way, there are no delays and no added worry.

Escort: For those shipments which are extra tall, wide, or long, escorts can help to reduce the risk of damage during turns or on narrow roads. United States of Freight can provide heavy haul and oversize shipments the escort services they need throughout the entire shipping process.

Heavy Haul and Specialized | United States of FreightHave an Oversized Shipment that Needs Delivery?

If you have an oversized shipment that needs special delivery, leave it to the experts. We handle all types of oversized loads and only work with the carriers who have the experience and equipment needed for all oversized shipments to get to where they need safely and on time. Plus, we insure your shipment and get all needed paperwork ready before it’s time for pickup. And, we’ll send you tracking updates and pictures along the way! If you’re ready to get a quote for your oversized shipment, give us a call today at (888) 231-2833 or contact us through our website to learn more!

Full Load

A full truck load just refers to a large shipment being carried by a singular trucking container. When the container is filled with only one individual’s or business’ goods, it’s known as full load. Whether or not the container is filled to the brim isn’t a specification of a full load shipment. Individuals can choose to put as much or as little as they want into their shipping containers, up to 10,000 pounds.

Full Truck Load Shipping Services | United States of FreightFull Truck Load Shipping is the most commonly chosen type of shipping solution for shipments weighing more than 100 pounds. When you see large companies shipping goods via interstate by trucks, they’re utilizing full load shipping. While it costs a bit more, since you invest in the entire container, it does help to get your shipment delivered faster than other methods. That’s because you don’t have to share shipment with any other goods or items belonging to others that could be delivered in the same delivery. And, having an entire container to use for shipments allows many benefits like equally distributing weight so that fragile and items which cannot be tampered with are shipped in the most effective way available.

Why do People Choose Full Load Delivery Services?

  • If they want their items to stay in the same container for the entirety of shipment
  • If they have large shipments
  • If they have fragile or high-risk materials being shipped
  • If they have high consumer demand and need shipments delivered at specific times
  • If they have shipments weighing over 10,000 pounds

Full Truck Load Shipping Services | United States of FreightBefore choosing whether or not you need full load trucking shipping, you should ask yourself a few questions. These may include what the weight of your shipment is, when you need it delivered, if you have delicate items which require extra shipping room, and what your shipping budget is. While there are many benefits to full load trucking shipments, if you don’t need to utilize all of them and don’t want to spend the extra money, there are certainly other shipping options available, like less than truckload shipping, available as well.

Choosing Full Truck Load Delivery Services

If you want to choose full load trucking as your preferred service, United States of Freight can help. And, we can help to ship almost any object or material with our full load trucking services. We work with a network of carriers which includes companies who offer only the most innovative equipment and experienced personnel for each job. Our job is to set up the entire shipment so that you don’t have to worry about anything; licensing, paperwork, loading, and delivery. Plus, each of our shipment services includes a guaranteed $1 million insurance coverage, meaning that if something were to happen to your shipment on the way to its destination, you’ll be covered! We take customer satisfaction as our highest priority, and we want your shipping experience to be one which is everything you expect and more!

To receive quotes for your full truck load shipment, give us a call today at (888) 231-2833 or contact us directly on our website!

Less Than Truckload (LTL)

If you have a shipment which needs delivery, but your items don’t fill an entire trucking container, less than truckload services may be what you need. Commonly referred to as LTL, less than truckload means a shipment being delivered via truck which is housing goods for multiple deliveries. Usually, LTL shipments can be split and sectioned off within the freight container. This way, one truck can deliver multiple shipments in a single trip.

How Big are Less Than Truckload Shipments?

To be considered small enough for an LTL shipment, cargo needs to be between 100-10,000 pounds. While most LTL shipments are packaged by pallets, cargo doesn’t have to be packaged in this way. Trucking containers are either 48 or 53 feet in length, and LTL shipments are not large enough to fill either.

What are the Benefits of Choosing LTL?

While you may have always thought that full load trucking is your best option for Full Load Trucking Shipping, there are a few benefits to considering LTL including:

Less Than Truckload (LTL) | United States of Freight

  • Deliveries via truck are faster than train shipments, getting them to where they need on time
  • LTL shipments don’t require the space of an entire truck container, making them available to be shared and helping to save on costs
  • Since LTL shipments can reduce the number of trips one carrier has to make, less gas is used, thus offering a more eco-friendly solution

While LTL saves you money and offers other benefits, Full Load trucking may be the best option for those who have enough goods to fill an entire truck, don’t wish to share a trucking container with other shipments, or have time-sensitive shipments. Moving shipments by truck is quick, but with LTL, your shipment may need to stop once, twice, or even more before arriving at the destination your goods are going. So, when accepted, carriers will provide an estimated time frame for arrival, rather than a specific day/time. It’s important to note that if you need your shipment delivered immediately, LTL may not be the best option for you.

How are LTL Shipments Priced?

There are a few things which will determine the cost of any delivery. These things may include:

  • Destination of shipment
  • Weight of cargo
  • Additionally requested services
  • Number of other shipments within shipping container

Less Than Truckload (LTL) | United States of FreightHere at United States of Freight, you can be sure that you’re getting the best price on any LTL delivery you need. That’s because we have established relationships with hundreds of carriers all across the country. We don’t just pick one that can deliver your shipment, we pick the one which offers the best price and has the most experience to exceed your expectations. Along with choosing the carrier which suits your every need, we also help with every other step in the shipping process including insurance coverage, needed paperwork, and state border regulations. Additionally, we’ll track your shipment every step of the way and even send you pictures of your shipment’s progress!

If you think that LTL may be the service which suits your delivery needs, contact us today by calling (888) 231-2833 or filling out our online questionnaire to receive a free, estimated shipping quote!

Power Only

Have a trailer for cargo shipments but no crew or truck? That’s what our power only services are for! We provide the services you need to get your trailer to where it needs to go. Whether you simply need to transport a trailer to a new destination or want to provide shipping solutions for your own clients, United States of Freight has a power only trucking service to meet your needs!

Who Needs Power Only Services?

Power Only Trucking Solutions | United States of Freight

Power only trucking is meant to address the needs of individuals who have a trailer, but they don’t have either a tractor or crew to help with the rest of shipping needs. For those who need to either move an empty trailer to a new location or transport goods with the help of a truck and driver/crew, power only trucking is the needed solution.

Power only trucking solutions are available for both domestic and international shipping. So, if you need your trailer sent overseas, we can set up a solution which involves transporting your trailer to an ocean freight provider. And, we can also come up with different solutions regarding the contents of your container/trailer. So, if your trailer is empty and just needs transport, we can set you up with an experienced driver to meet your needs. But, if you need loading and delivery of goods on your trailer, we can provide you with an entire crew. There is a power only solution for any need!

Power Only Trucking Cabs Fit Any Trailer

Instead of matching a specific cab to your specific trailer, power only trucking allows for the fitting to any type of trailer. This means not having to measure and guess which cab works best for which trailer. Thus, saving time and energy for all parties involved. This is all possible due to an adjustable fifth wheel. For larger or oversized loads, there are other power only trucking solutions. So, it’s still important to know your trailer dimensions and cargo weight when looking for an estimate.

Providing the Team or Driver you Need

Power Only Trucking Solutions | United States of FreightIt can be challenging to find the power only driver or crew you need to get your trailer to its intended destination. But, choosing a freight forwarding service like United States of Freight takes all the complications in finding good workers from your hands. We only work with power only carriers which utilize the most experienced industry professionals. Whether you have oversized, fragile, or time-sensitive items, you can relax in knowing that we’ve paired you with a carrier who only offers professional drivers and crew to make sure your shipment is delivered without issue!

What Type of Trailers can be Delivered with Power Only Trucking?

There are a few different types of trailers usually transported via power only trucking including:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Shipping containers
  • Dry vans
  • Refrigerated vans
  • Tankers

Need Power Only Trucking Services?

Have a power only load which needs transportation locally, nationwide, or even internationally? At United States of Freight, we can take care of all the logistics of your power only delivery. Don’t go through the hassle of contacting carriers, negotiating prices, and providing all the paperwork. Let us do that for you! To find out more about pricing for power only transports, contact us on our website today!


If you’re planning on shipping busses, cars, trucks, or any other drivable machinery, you don’t want to trust your vehicles with just anyone. And, you likely won’t want to have to find various carriers to meet your shipping needs. By choosing United States of Freight for your drive-away hauling, you’re choosing a forwarder with the industry experience to provide full-service drive-away solutions. This means that even before pick up to the actual delivery, we will take charge of everything that requires attention during the shipping process.

Drive Away Services

Drive Away Shipping Services | United States of Freight

If you’re looking for these types of services, we offer a few to meet the needs of all who want to take advantage of the ease that drive away provides. These services may include:

Single: Needing to move a singular, heavy duty or light weight automobile across the country? Our singe drive away service can get your machinery to anywhere you need it. While we pride ourselves on being able to ship just about anything, we know that those investing in drive away service are worried about their equipment. So, we only use the most experienced in carriers which offer only the safest, industry required methods. These carriers understand and obtain the correct paperwork to cross state lines and get your shipment on time and without issues. Single drive away services are available for rolling equipment like:

  • Buses
  • Vans
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Lightweight trucks
  • Straight trucks
  • Utility trucks
  • Fire Trucks
  • Ambulances and other emergency automobiles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Tractors and tractor/trailers
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Airline ground vehicles
  • Mobile cranes

Bus: Have a fleet of busses which need to go cross-country or brought to another state for repair? United States of Freight offers drive away services through carriers which understand your busess’ need for routine tire checks, cooling stops, and routine fluid examination. Get your busses to where they need safely and timely by leaving the specifics to us!

Drive Away Shipping Services | United States of FreightSaddle Mount: This type of drive away service involves stacking vehicles on top of one another so that additional trailers don’t need to be utilized. Instead of having 4 drivers drive 4 trucks across country, saddle mount drive away allows one driver to transport 4 trucks at one time. So, this saves cost on wear, gas, and labor. Experienced drivers and decking experts are the only ones who can offer this service, which is why we’ve established business relationships with only the professionals in saddle mount drive away to offer our clients this option for their hauling needs.

International: Have automobile equipment which needs transport overseas? We can help with the entire process, from pick up, drive away, ocean freight, to delivery. It can be stressful coming up with an entire plan to get automobile equipment to another country. Investing in a freight forwarding service like United States of Freight gives you the peace of mind in knowing the whole process is taken care of by industry professionals at a great price!

Need drive away services for any of your mobile equipment? United States of Freight can help! Give us a call today at (888) 231-2833 to receive a free estimate on our drive away services.

Hay, Grain and Dry Bulk Hauling

Have a specialized material like hay, grain, or other dry bulk that routinely needs transporting? Buying or hiring your own dry bulk trailer, tractor, and crew can get extremely expensive. And, if you only need to ship these types of materials a few times a year, purchasing these materials and hiring your own personnel might not be worth it. For many shipping these kinds of materials, it makes more sense to go through a freight forwarding service like United States of Freight to save time, money, and the risk of hassle.

What’s a Dry Bulk Trailer?

Hay, Grain, and Dry Bulk Hauling | United States of FreightDry bulk is a shipment of dry goods which usually need shipping in large quantities, otherwise known as bulk. So, these types of transport services usually require specialized equipment to carry the dry goods which need delivery from one location to another. A dry bulk shipping container is a specialized trailer which is intended for the easier transport of large bulk dry items. First and foremost, they’re vacuum sealed. This prevents any damage due to moving around during transport and optimizes safety. Additionally, these types of containers make both loading and unloading of these materials much easier and safer. While they’re mainly used to ship agricultural products like food materials, they can offer anywhere from 560 to 3150 cubic square feet of transportation space.

Grain Freight Forwarding

If you need shipments of grain transported, United States of Freight has experience in providing all needed paperwork, crew, insurance, and transportation assistance. Simply let us know the size of your grain shipment and where you need it to go and we’ll pair you with the right trailer, carrier, and shipping schedule. By choosing a freight forwarder, you’re handing the grain shipping process over to us so that you can concentrate on what you do best–running your grain business!

Hay Freight Forwarding

Hay, Grain, and Dry Bulk Hauling | United States of FreightIn need of hay or feed freight shipping? Transport your hay or feed shipment to anywhere in the US with our freight forwarding solutions. Rather than contacting hay carriers in your area and struggling to negotiate the price, we can give you one estimate which includes all logistics of your freight service. That includes insurance, crew members, pick up, handling of paperwork, updates, and delivery. Choosing a hay freight forwarding services takes the headache out of hay shipping!

Need Hay, Grain, or Dry Bulk Hauling?

If you’re in need of specialty hauling services for your hay, grain, or dry bulk materials, consider United States of Freight for all your shipping needs. We can provide you with everything you need when it comes to these specialty deliveries, including specialized trailers. To get a free estimate for your specialized shipment, contact us today!

International Shipping

Have a shipment you need sent overseas to another continent or country? It can be overwhelming trying to find different carriers for every country your shipment crosses during its transit. By choosing a freight forwarding company like United States of Freight, you’re choosing to have your entire international freight shipping managed by one team. That means less paperwork, less chance for mistakes, and less hassle for you.

Not only do we take care of every part of the shipping process including pickup, shipping, and delivery, but we also track your order every step of the way. This way, you can get updates as to where your shipment and be sure that’s it’s scheduled to arrive on time. Don’t leave your international shipping to just anyone, leave it to the freight forwarding professionals! We know the best in the business to ensure that your shipment will arrive on-time and as expected each and every time!

International Freight Shipping by Air

International Freight Shipping Services | United States of FreightIf you need shipping internationally via airplane, trust experienced professionals to do the job! We are committed to providing our air freight customers with top-of-the-line customer service and satisfaction throughout the entire process. Whether you need shipment via air to travel outside of the U.S., or shipment to come into the U.S., we can match the shipping solutions you need to the right organizations. And, we’ll manage the entire order so that you don’t have to! This even includes the importing process and clearing custom regulations without issue.

Air cargo considered for international shipping is usually in the form of pallets or even loose items. If you know the weight of your shipment and where it needs to go, we can offer an estimated quote for our international air freight services right over the phone!

International Freight Shipping by Ocean

International Freight Shipping Services | United States of FreightHave an ocean freight shipment coming into the U.S. that you need shipped domestically? Or, do you have a freight shipment which needs to be shipped via ocean liner overseas? Here at United States of Freight, we work with a number of highly valued and reputable organizations to match the perfect equipment and machinery to each order which needs shipment. And, we offer international ocean freight shipping for a number of shipments like:

  • Specialized loads or items
  • Sea cargo shipments
  • Heavy/oversized loads
  • Full-load containers
  • Fragile and high valued items
  • And more!

Basically, whatever you need shipped and however way you want it shipped, we can provide a solution which meets your expectations and matches your budget. We find ways to make the impossible shipments delivered safe and sound. And, we do it all by using highly qualified and licensed industry leaders! To find out more about our process, how we can help ship your items, and a quote for our services, give us a call today at (888) 231-2833.

Air Freight

Air Freight Shipping Services | United States of Freight

Air freight is one of the fastest, most reliable shipping solutions available. And, by choosing an air freight forwarder like United States of Freight, your air freight solutions can be taken care of entirely from pickup to delivery! Not only will we match the air carrier that’s right for your business, goods, or timeline, but we will also match your shipment with the ground carriers who can meet your specific needs. And, we will provide you with updates on your delivery throughout the shipment so that you can be sure your items are in good hands!

We pride ourselves in the relationships we’ve established and maintained with carriers and air freight companies across the nation. So, we’re confident that when individuals come to us for air shipping services, we can provide them with the timely, affordable, and reliable solutions they need. Wherever you need cargo sent in the nation, we can help to provide the complete air freight shipping you expect, need, and desire.

Our Air Forwarding Service Includes:

  • Door to door pick up and delivery
  • Direct flight and rush options for time sensitive materials
  • Tracking and inventory (we send pictures of your cargo when picked up by carrier)
  • Ocean and air combination services
  • International air freight options
  • Shipment insurance
  • Certified, experienced professional teams
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Heavy and oversized loads
  • And more!

The Benefits of Air Shipping Goods and Cargo

While air freight may be a bit more expensive than ground travel because of the use of airplanes, jet fuel, and other considerations, it still offers a number of benefits. And, when considering these advantages, it’s no wonder why many people choose the option to send their goods via air. Some of the benefits of air freight include:

Time: Because shipments travel through air via airplane, they arrive to their destination much quicker than they would by ground.

Location: Some shipments may not be possible to travel by road. But, air freight is a different story. Air freight shipments can travel to almost anywhere in the world, either domestic or international.

Air Freight Shipping Services | United States of Freight

Large Shipments: Large, bulky, and overweight shipments may be more of a challenge to travel on the ground. However, shipments like these are no problem for air freight. If you have a large item that cannot be somehow shipped by truck, air freight may be your only option.

Reliability: While weather, circumstance, traffic, or any other daily happenstance could put a ground shipment off schedule for arrival, air freight is one of the most reliable ways to ship when considering scheduling. When choosing air freight for your shipping services, you can rest easy knowing that your materials will be shipped within a specific window of time.

Need Air Freight Services?

If you need air freight services, consider using an air freight forwarder like United States of Freight. Choosing a forwarder means not having to research and participate with the logistics of shipping. We’ll do everything for you! All you have to worry about is being there when your items arrive! To get a free, no obligation quote for air freight solutions, contact us either on our website or by phone at (888) 231-2833.

Ocean Freight

United States of Freight is a forwarding service which can utilize ocean freight as a means to import and export good to and from the United States. This service includes innovative solutions to moving items across the ocean in a safe, timely, and effective way! By choosing an ocean freight forwarder, you’re choosing to have the entire ocean freight shipping process handled by experienced, industry professionals!

Ocean Forwarding Services

Ocean Freight Shipping Services | United States of FreightWhether you need to move specialized items, heavy equipment, machinery, generalized cargo, oversized loads, or other materials by sea, we can handle the entire process from pickup to delivery. Choosing a third party ocean freight forwarder allows you the ease of mind in knowing experienced professionals are handling your items by utilizing industry standards and methods only the experts can provide.

As an ocean freight forwarder, we have relationships with carriers who specialize in hauling all types and sizes of containers and cargo. And, we can use carriers and ocean freight services to get your items to any major ocean port in the United States. If you need ocean freight delivery outside the United States, we also provide service packages for international shipping.

Full Containers for Domestic Ocean Freight

Containers are large, metal storage units which safely and effective house all types of shipped cargo. They’re ideal for ocean freight delivery. Since they’re made with high-grade materials and constructed to absorb stress which may occur during ocean freight delivery, they provide the utmost protection. Because we provide all-inclusive delivery services, if you choose to ship via container, within our quote we can offer container movement methods like cranes or lifts. However, it’s important to remember that using an entire container to fill can help to exponentially reduce shipping costs.

Less than Full Ocean Freight Containers

Ocean Freight Shipping Services | United States of FreightIf you’re not shipping enough items to fill an entire shipping container, the option to have your items stored in a container is not out of the question. But, cargo stored in a container which is less than full is usually paired with goods from other shippers as well. Quotes for using containers which aren’t fully packed will be determined by size needed of the container in square footage. If this is the option you wish to go with, as a third party logistics provider, we provide inventory services upon the arrival of the ocean freight so that you can be sure your items have been separated and accounted for. Upon inventorization at the shipping port, we can then set up pick up services from the port of call to the delivery destination.

Ocean Freight Shipping Container Sizes

Quotes for domestic ocean freight will depend on size and weight of items shipped, location of delivery, and shipping container. There are 20 and 40 foot long ocean containers to choose from, and additional options like open top or high top to consider as well. If you don’t know what size container you need, United States of Freight can help you come up with the solution which best suits your shipment. And, provide you an estimated quote based on the information you provide.

If you’d like a quote for domestic ocean freight shipping services, contact us for a free consultation and quote for our freight forwarding services!

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