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Power Only Trucking

Have a trailer for cargo shipments but no crew or truck? That’s what our power only services are for! We provide the services you need to get your trailer to where it needs to go. Whether you simply need to transport a trailer to a new destination or want to provide shipping solutions for your own clients, United States of Freight has a power only trucking service to meet your needs!

Who Needs Power Only Services?

Power only trucking is meant to address the needs of individuals who have a trailer, but they don’t have either a tractor or crew to help with the rest of shipping needs. For those who need to either move an empty trailer to a new location or transport goods with the help of a truck and driver/crew, power only trucking is the needed solution.

Power only trucking solutions are available for both domestic and international shipping. So, if you need your trailer sent overseas, we can set up a solution which involves transporting your trailer to an ocean freight provider. And, we can also come up with different solutions regarding the contents of your container/trailer. So, if your trailer is empty and just needs transport, we can set you up with an experienced driver to meet your needs. But, if you need loading and delivery of goods on your trailer, we can provide you with an entire crew. There is a power only solution for any need!

Power Only Trucking Cabs Fit Any Trailer

Instead of matching a specific cab to your specific trailer, power only trucking allows for the fitting to any type of trailer. This means not having to measure and guess which cab works best for which trailer. Thus, saving time and energy for all parties involved. This is all possible due to an adjustable fifth wheel. For larger or oversized loads, there are other power only trucking solutions. So, it’s still important to know your trailer dimensions and cargo weight when looking for an estimate.

Providing the Team or Driver you Need

It can be challenging to find the power only driver or crew you need to get your trailer to its intended destination. But, choosing a freight forwarding service like United States of Freight takes all the complications in finding good workers from your hands. We only work with power only carriers which utilize the most experienced industry professionals. Whether you have oversized, fragile, or time-sensitive items, you can relax in knowing that we’ve paired you with a carrier who only offers professional drivers and crew to make sure your shipment is delivered without issue!

What Type of Trailers can be Delivered with Power Only Trucking?

There are a few different types of trailers usually transported via power only trucking including:

  • Flatbed trailers
  • Shipping containers
  • Dry vans
  • Refrigerated vans
  • Tankers

Need Power Only Trucking Services?

Have a power only load which needs transportation locally, nationwide, or even internationally? At United States of Freight, we can take care of all the logistics of your power only delivery. Don’t go through the hassle of contacting carriers, negotiating prices, and providing all the paperwork. Let us do that for you! To find out more about pricing for power only transports, contact us on our website today!

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