Ocean Freight

United States of Freight is a forwarding service which can utilize ocean freight as a means to import and export good to and from the United States. This service includes innovative solutions to moving items across the ocean in a safe, timely, and effective way! By choosing an ocean freight forwarder, you’re choosing to have the entire ocean freight shipping process handled by experienced, industry professionals!

Ocean Forwarding Services

Ocean Freight Shipping Services | United States of FreightWhether you need to move specialized items, heavy equipment, machinery, generalized cargo, oversized loads, or other materials by sea, we can handle the entire process from pickup to delivery. Choosing a third party ocean freight forwarder allows you the ease of mind in knowing experienced professionals are handling your items by utilizing industry standards and methods only the experts can provide.

As an ocean freight forwarder, we have relationships with carriers who specialize in hauling all types and sizes of containers and cargo. And, we can use carriers and ocean freight services to get your items to any major ocean port in the United States. If you need ocean freight delivery outside the United States, we also provide service packages for international shipping.

Full Containers for Domestic Ocean Freight

Containers are large, metal storage units which safely and effective house all types of shipped cargo. They’re ideal for ocean freight delivery. Since they’re made with high-grade materials and constructed to absorb stress which may occur during ocean freight delivery, they provide the utmost protection. Because we provide all-inclusive delivery services, if you choose to ship via container, within our quote we can offer container movement methods like cranes or lifts. However, it’s important to remember that using an entire container to fill can help to exponentially reduce shipping costs.

Less than Full Ocean Freight Containers

Ocean Freight Shipping Services | United States of FreightIf you’re not shipping enough items to fill an entire shipping container, the option to have your items stored in a container is not out of the question. But, cargo stored in a container which is less than full is usually paired with goods from other shippers as well. Quotes for using containers which aren’t fully packed will be determined by size needed of the container in square footage. If this is the option you wish to go with, as a third party logistics provider, we provide inventory services upon the arrival of the ocean freight so that you can be sure your items have been separated and accounted for. Upon inventorization at the shipping port, we can then set up pick up services from the port of call to the delivery destination.

Ocean Freight Shipping Container Sizes

Quotes for domestic ocean freight will depend on size and weight of items shipped, location of delivery, and shipping container. There are 20 and 40 foot long ocean containers to choose from, and additional options like open top or high top to consider as well. If you don’t know what size container you need, United States of Freight can help you come up with the solution which best suits your shipment. And, provide you an estimated quote based on the information you provide.

If you’d like a quote for domestic ocean freight shipping services, contact us for a free consultation and quote for our freight forwarding services!

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