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How Big are Less Than Truckload Shipments?

To be considered small enough for an LTL shipment, cargo needs to be between 100-10,000 pounds. While most LTL shipments are packaged by pallets, cargo doesn’t have to be packaged in this way. Trucking containers are either 48 or 53 feet in length, and LTL shipments are not large enough to fill either.

If you have a shipment which needs delivery, but your items don’t fill an entire trucking container, less than truckload services may be what you need. Commonly referred to as LTL, less than truckload means a shipment being delivered via truck which is housing goods for multiple deliveries. Usually, LTL shipments can be split and sectioned off within the freight container. This way, one truck can deliver multiple shipments in a single trip.

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What are the Benefits of Choosing LTL?

While you may have always thought that full load trucking is your best option for Full Load Trucking Shipping, there are a few benefits to considering LTL including:

Deliveries Via Truck

Deliveries via truck are faster than train shipments, getting them to where they need on time

Save on Costs

LTL shipments don’t require the space of an entire truck container, making them available to be shared and helping to save on costs

Reduce the Number of Trips

Since LTL shipments can reduce the number of trips one carrier has to make, less gas is used, thus offering a more eco-friendly solution

While LTL saves you money and offers other benefits, Full Load trucking may be the best option for those who have enough goods to fill an entire truck, don’t wish to share a trucking container with other shipments, or have time-sensitive shipments. Moving shipments by truck is quick, but with LTL, your shipment may need to stop once, twice, or even more before arriving at the destination your goods are going. So, when accepted, carriers will provide an estimated time frame for arrival, rather than a specific day/time. It’s important to note that if you need your shipment delivered immediately, LTL may not be the best option for you.

How are LTL Shipments Priced?

There are a few things which will determine the cost of any delivery. These things may include:

  • Destination of shipment
  • Weight of cargo
  • Additionally requested services
  • Number of other shipments within shipping container

Here at United States of Freight, you can be sure that you’re getting the best price on any LTL delivery you need. That’s because we have established relationships with hundreds of carriers all across the country. We don’t just pick one that can deliver your shipment, we pick the one which offers the best price and has the most experience to exceed your expectations. Along with choosing the carrier which suits your every need, we also help with every other step in the shipping process including insurance coverage, needed paperwork, and state border regulations. Additionally, we’ll track your shipment every step of the way and even send you pictures of your shipment’s progress!

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