Heavy Haul & Specialized

Here at United States of Freight, we pride ourselves in being able to find shipping solutions for even the largest of cargo. If you need something hauled, we’ll figure out a solution; and it won’t kill your pockets. With our established connections of heavy hauling carriers, we can find an effective delivery solution perfect for your oversized load and get it shipped anywhere in the country! Rather than searching high and low for a carrier who meets your needs, let us handle the specifics…and everything else!

What is Heavy Haul?

Heavy Haul and Specialized | United States of FreightHeavy haul is referred to in a number of ways including oversized, specialized, wide load, overweight, and over-dimensional shipping. It’s pretty much shipping solutions for equipment or machinery that can’t fit on the bed of a truck or shipping container. Usually, these types of shipments require specialized shipping materials, equipment, and paperwork. And, if you decide to go about choosing your own heavy haul carrier, you’ll have to know these specifications. Here at United States of Freight, you give us the information about where you need your oversized materials shipped and their dimensions and we provide a solution which will meet your needs!

The Oversized Shipping Process

Obviously, shipping oversized equipment and cargo call for advanced specifications and logistics. The process of hauling oversized shipments include:

Finding the Right Shipping Solution: Usually, heavy hauls will require the use of a truck with at least 7 axles. And, there may be a need for an extra long trailer, depending on the length and weight of the cargo.

Loading Cargo on the Trailer: This is one of the most difficult parts of heavy haul shipments. But, we offer solutions to make this part of the process fast and simple like cranes and other heavy lifting machinery. No matter the size, we can find a way to load your oversized shipment.

Acquiring Permits: Before the shipment can get off on the road for delivery, specialized permits need to be obtained. Each state has its own guidelines and regulations for shipping oversized loads. So, we make sure to acquire the right permits and follow regulations of each state your shipment will travel through. This way, there are no delays and no added worry.

Escort: For those shipments which are extra tall, wide, or long, escorts can help to reduce the risk of damage during turns or on narrow roads. United States of Freight can provide heavy haul and oversize shipments the escort services they need throughout the entire shipping process.

Heavy Haul and Specialized | United States of FreightHave an Oversized Shipment that Needs Delivery?

If you have an oversized shipment that needs special delivery, leave it to the experts. We handle all types of oversized loads and only work with the carriers who have the experience and equipment needed for all oversized shipments to get to where they need safely and on time. Plus, we insure your shipment and get all needed paperwork ready before it’s time for pickup. And, we’ll send you tracking updates and pictures along the way! If you’re ready to get a quote for your oversized shipment, give us a call today at (888) 231-2833 or contact us through our website to learn more!

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