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Looking for the best dry bulk transportation companies? USOF has you covered!

Have a specialized material like hay, coal, grains, and metals or other dry bulk that routinely needs transporting? Buying or hiring your own dry bulk trailer, tractor, and crew can get extremely expensive. This is where our dry bulk transportation services come in when you’re looking to save money with a freight forwarder. And, if you only need to ship these types of materials a few times a year, purchasing these materials and hiring your own personnel might not be worth it. For many shipping these kinds of materials, looking for a affordable dry bulk transportation companies is not easy and it makes more sense to go through a freight forwarding service like United States of Freight to save time, money, and the risk of hassle.

What is a dry bulk trailer?

Dry bulk is a shipment of dry goods which usually need shipping in large quantities, otherwise known as bulk. So, these types of transport services usually require specialized equipment to carry the dry goods which need delivery from one location to another. A dry bulk shipping container is a specialized trailer which is intended for the easier transport of large bulk dry items. First and foremost, they’re vacuum sealed. This prevents any damage due to moving around during transport and optimizes safety. Additionally, these types of containers make both loading and unloading of these materials much easier and safer. While they’re mainly used to ship agricultural products like food materials, they can offer anywhere from 560 to 3150 cubic square feet of transportation space.

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Grain Freight Forwarding from Dry Bulk Transportation Companies

If you need shipments of grain transported, United States of Freight has experience in providing all needed paperwork, crew, insurance, and transportation assistance. Simply let us know the size of your grain shipment and where you need it to go and we’ll pair you with the right trailer, carrier, and shipping schedule. By choosing a freight forwarder, you’re handing the grain shipping process over to us so that you can concentrate on what you do best–running your grain business!

dry bulk transportation companies

Hay Freight Forwarding

In need of hay or feed freight shipping? Transport your hay or feed shipment to anywhere in the US with our freight forwarding solutions. Rather than contacting hay carriers in your area and struggling to negotiate the price, we can give you one estimate which includes all logistics of your freight service. That includes insurance, crew members, pick up, handling of paperwork, updates, and delivery. Choosing a hay freight forwarding services takes the headache out of hay shipping!

Need Hay, Grain, or Dry Bulk Hauling From Reputable Dry Bulk Transportation Companies? Contact Us!

If you’re in need of specialty hauling services for your hay, grain, or dry bulk materials, consider United States of Freight for all your shipping needs. We can provide you with everything you need when it comes to these specialty deliveries, including specialized trailers. To get a free estimate for your specialized shipment, contact us today!

Industry Covered

United States of Freight is more than logistics.
We can also optimize your packaging, manage your materials sourcing, and so much more.

Contruction Equipment

Whether you have ordered a new piece of machinery for business, transporting heavy equipment for a business move, or otherwise we can help ship your construction supplies to wherever you need it to go – hassle-free!


Containers are a great way to store and ship a number of items securely. Transport your container without the headache of price comparing, permit chasing, and long waits. If you have a number of containers which will require crane transport, we can also help with that!

Farming Equipment

Without the right equipment, it’s impossible for a farm to run successfully. If you need farming equipment shipped to or from your farm, we can help with everything including packing, choosing a carrier, obtaining paperwork, and a safe delivery.

Military Transport

Obviously, providing the military with equipment helps to keep our country safe. Choose a shipping provider that has the expertise in moving heavy equipment and oversized loads across the country for your military equipment shipment.

Automotive Transport

Vehicles are utilized for almost any job. Get your vehicle delivered without worry, anywhere in the country! We’ve shipped many different automobiles including cars, trucks, vans and even school buses!

Medical & Bio Transport

We can arrange transport for any bio transportation needs. We can bring heavy medical products or tools anywhere in the world.

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