Flatbed Trucking

Flatbed services allow you to transport cargo to almost anywhere in the United States. Here at United States of Freight, we offer a number of flatbed trucking solutions since we have established relationships with a number of experienced carriers which offer the latest and best in hauling equipment and customer service. Even if you have oversized loads or need to transport hazardous materials, there is a flatbed trucking solution offered through our freight forwarding services to meet your needs!

What are the Types of Flatbed Services?

Flatbed trailers are optimal for hauling items which can be loaded from the side of the trailer. Or, shipping large, bulky objects like heavy machinery which cannot be stored in dry vans. It’s the safest, most effective way to ship oversized, large materials. If you have heavy equipment or building materials which are too long for dry van or other shipping options, flatbed trucking solutions may be what you need. With a number of flatbed trailers to choose from, individuals even have the option to ship taller objects or vehicles which need to be driven or wheeled onto shipping trailer.

Trailer Options for Flatbed Services

Trailers come in a number of shapes and sizes to accommodate different size and shapes of flatbed loads. We offer a number of different flatbed trailers to assist hauling almost any shipment. Types of flatbed trailers available include:

Trucking and Flatbed Services | United States of FreightHot Shot Trailers: When shipping needs require the transport of smaller objects, it doesn’t make sense to invest in the full truck bed or specialized trailers. Hot shot trailers are smaller trucking solutions to meet the needs of smaller shipment sizes. Rather than choosing a larger solution, going with hot shot trailers may save the shipper in costs.

Double Drop and Extendable Trailers: Double drop trailers specialize in transporting extremely tall loads, up to 11’6” materials! They have two decks, with the middle section referred to as the “well” of the trailer. When the standardized trucking or shipping solution cannot be utilized when cargo is extra lengthy or bulky, these types of specialized trailers may be the best solution.

Multi-axle Trailers: With more axles, these types of trailers are designed to load and haul up to 225 tons of equipment or materials. More axles provide the ability to transfer more weight for a smoother, safer ride.

Trucking and Flatbed Services | United States of FreightLowboy Trailers: Meant to carry extremely heavy and tall items, these trailers offer a lower deck, making loading cargo a bit easier. But, the best thing about these trailers is that they can carry up to 80 tons, making them one of the best solutions for extremely heavy shipments.

RGN Trailers: An acronym for removable gooseneck trailers, this type of trailer has the option to detach the deck so that heavier, less easy-to-move materials can be easily loaded. Basically, the gooseneck deck drops and becomes a ramp so that oversized, large equipment and materials can be transported.

Step Deck Trailers: Otherwise referred to as “drop deck trailers”, these trailers are practically original flatbed trailers, but they have the capability to transport materials which are extra tall, up to 10’2” in height! Additionally, they offer the capability to add a ramp and drive cargo (machinery or automobiles) onto the trailer for easy pickup and delivery.

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