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Air Freight Shipping Services | United States of Freight

Air freight is one of the fastest, most reliable shipping solutions available. And, by choosing an air freight forwarder like United States of Freight, your air freight solutions can be taken care of entirely from pickup to delivery! Not only will we match the air carrier that’s right for your business, goods, or timeline, but we will also match your shipment with the ground carriers who can meet your specific needs. And, we will provide you with updates on your delivery throughout the shipment so that you can be sure your items are in good hands!

We pride ourselves in the relationships we’ve established and maintained with carriers and air freight companies across the nation. So, we’re confident that when individuals come to us for air shipping services, we can provide them with the timely, affordable, and reliable solutions they need. Wherever you need cargo sent in the nation, we can help to provide the complete air freight shipping you expect, need, and desire.

Our Air Forwarding Service Includes:

  • Door to door pick up and delivery
  • Direct flight and rush options for time sensitive materials
  • Tracking and inventory (we send pictures of your cargo when picked up by carrier)
  • Ocean and air combination services
  • International air freight options
  • Shipment insurance
  • Certified, experienced professional teams
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Heavy and oversized loads
  • And more!

The Benefits of Air Shipping Goods and Cargo

While air freight may be a bit more expensive than ground travel because of the use of airplanes, jet fuel, and other considerations, it still offers a number of benefits. And, when considering these advantages, it’s no wonder why many people choose the option to send their goods via air. Some of the benefits of air freight include:

Time: Because shipments travel through air via airplane, they arrive to their destination much quicker than they would by ground.

Location: Some shipments may not be possible to travel by road. But, air freight is a different story. Air freight shipments can travel to almost anywhere in the world, either domestic or international.

Air Freight Shipping Services | United States of Freight

Large Shipments: Large, bulky, and overweight shipments may be more of a challenge to travel on the ground. However, shipments like these are no problem for air freight. If you have a large item that cannot be somehow shipped by truck, air freight may be your only option.

Reliability: While weather, circumstance, traffic, or any other daily happenstance could put a ground shipment off schedule for arrival, air freight is one of the most reliable ways to ship when considering scheduling. When choosing air freight for your shipping services, you can rest easy knowing that your materials will be shipped within a specific window of time.

Need Air Freight Services?

If you need air freight services, consider using an air freight forwarder like United States of Freight. Choosing a forwarder means not having to research and participate with the logistics of shipping. We’ll do everything for you! All you have to worry about is being there when your items arrive! To get a free, no obligation quote for air freight solutions, contact us either on our website or by phone at (888) 231-2833.

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