Local and International Shipping

United States of Freight offers both Local and International shipping, no matter what the size or

Local and International Shipping

weight, we always find a solution! Learn more information on what we ship and the services we offer based on your needs. We offer freight shipment pickup to any location inside the United States and Canada, including even Hawaii and Alaska. Shipments are guaranteed to be picked

up to 3 days, and often, shipments are even picked up the same day!

Drop-off Locations

Drop off locations include anywhere within the United States and Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska. We’ve even recently begun expansion into an overseas international shipment system. In fact, the people hard at work at United States of Freight have overseen successful deliveries of various large machinery to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other places around the world! Contact us to see if we can deliver your international or domestic shipments!

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