Freight Truck Equipment

Beam Trailers

Beam trailers, also called gooseneck trailers, are ones of the best options for oversized hauls and large equipment shipping. These types of trailers can be attached to different types of decks for transportation based on the weight of the haul. The size of the freight isn’t limited by the beam trailer’s body size since the decks detachable.

Drop Deck Trailers

Drop deck trailers are designed to handle heavy-duty, long-distance freight carrying transports. This type of trailer has a floor that “drops” down— hence the name— to load and unload cargo. Drop deck trailers are best suited for handling freights containing cargo such as heavy-duty pipes, turbines, and other such equipment.

Dry Van Trailers

The dry van is what most people think of when they think of freight shipping. In fact, it is actually the most common style of freight transportation vehicle in the United States. Dry van trailers, which can also be called enclosed box trailers, are exactly what they sound like— a very big box on wheels with a set of doors in the back. It has no special functions, no multiple decks and no temperature control. Dry vans are designed only for fast and easy transport of heavy equipment.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are one of the most heavily utilized modes of transportation in the freight trucking industry, mostly due to their versatility. Unlike most other trucks, flatbeds can be loaded a number of ways: from the rear, top, or even the sides. This kind of trailer is notable for its flat, open loading platform, which can accommodate a wide variety of cargo. In addition, an extendable flatbed trailer, like the extendable double drop, can be lengthened to accommodate longer items for transport.

Hot Shot Trailers

12Hot shot trailers, unlike most freight trailers, are not used for heavy hauling. Instead, they are used for smaller deliveries. Think of a pick up truck versus a moving van. That’s sort of what a hot shot freight trailer is. This type of trailer is utilized for what is called a LTL, or “light truck load” freight. Why send monster-sized freight trailer for a mini-sized cargo transport?

Double Drop Trailers and Extendable Double Drop Trailers

7Double drop trailers have a depressed center section which is designed to transport cargo that is especially tall. In fact, these types of freight trailers are mainly used for over-sized shipments. The lower deck height accommodates products exceeding ten feet in height. During preparation, the freight can be loaded onto the trailer using either a crane or ramps. We also offer extendable double drop trailers for when the need arises; these are capable of stretching in length to accommodate lengthy cargo like poles or pipes.

Lowboy Trailers

These trailers are designed with low loading surfaces meant to accommodate the transport of tall items. Generally, freight cargo loaded onto lowboy trailers must remain within 13 feet 6 inches high when measured from the ground up. Additionally, most lowboy trailers have the capacity to handle 40 to 80 tons of materials during transport.

Multi-Axel Trailers

These types of freight trailers are designed to handle cargo weighing anywhere from 50 to 225 tons. Unlike other trailers, multi-axle trailers are capable of transporting such large amounts of cargo because the number of wheels on the vehicle distribute the freight’s total weight over a larger, more even area for a smoother ride. In addition, multi-axle trailers have a great amount of maneuverability when it comes to making turns and navigating intersections.

Reefer Van Trailers

“Reefer” is the freight trucking industry’s name for refrigerated trailers. This is the freight shipping method that utilizes refrigeration for the transportation of foods and other perishable products that need a temperature-controlled environment during transport. Reefer van trailers have built-in refrigeration systems to keep these and similar products in their pre-shipped state for when they reach their destination.

RGN Trailers

Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers are specialty freight trailers that allow for easy loading and unloading of large items. As the name suggests, this is done through the temporary removal of the gooseneck, which is the curved piece of equipment that connects the trailer to the road tractor.

Steerable Trailers

This type of trailer is favored by those who are looking to transport long, thin supplies, like beams or poles. Steerable trailers have dollies that support the rear of the freight during transport. These dollies are controlled remotely and handled during turns to maintain the vehicles equilibrium and prevent rolling or toppling.

Step Deck Trailers

This type of trailer is very similar to the drop deck trailer. It is an open trailer often used to carry tall cargo items. Like the drop deck trailer, the step deck trailer also comes in the form of an extendable trailer that is capable of accommodating longer items.

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