What to Consider before Choosing a Freight Delivery Service

What to Consider before Choosing a Freight Delivery Service

Before spending your hard-earned money on something you need, you want to make sure you’re going to get your money’s worth. So, if you need a large shipment delivered across the nation or even the globe, you’re going to want to choose a freight delivery service who doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg with unexpected charges. Fortunately, there are a few things you can consider which may help you determine the best freight delivery service for your needs.

Know the Size and Weight of Your Shipment

To get an accurate quote from a freight delivery service, you’ll need to know the exact weight and size of your shipment. If you’re off in either measurement, you may have to expect some extra charges if you estimated below the actual numbers. Usually, quotes from freight delivery services are based on the weight of the shipment and size of the load.

Make Sure You are Confident in Pickup and Delivery Locations

Along with size and weight, the miles your shipment will need to travel will affect the quote from a freight delivery service. Also, picking up or dropping off at residential areas may affect the availability of certain companies. So, make sure you’re confident that your shipment needs to be picked up at an exact location and delivered to another exact location. This way, you’ll get the best quote based on your shipment.

Get Packaging Done before Considering Shipment Companies

You won’t know how many pallets you have or the exact size of your shipment until it’s all packed away securely in boxes. So, if you’re not shipping heavy loads like vehicles, military equipment, or machinery, you’ll need to package your delivery items. And, to avoid added charges and fees, you’ll need to do so correctly. Check out our blog on how to package freight for pallets before you get a shipping quote!

Be Able to Describe what You Need Shipped

When it comes to shipping experts, they’ll usually know what you need. But, to determine the best mode of transportation for your shipped items, they’ll need to know what you need to be shipped. So, give the best description you can when they ask what you need shipping. This way, you’ll be paired with the right machinery to transport your shipment.

Keeping Your Items Insured in Case of Accidents

Whether you need something shipped for yourself or a customer, the state of the shipped items on the day they arrive at their destination is important to you. But, unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as planned. So, instead of investing in a shipping company who doesn’t offer a way to replace damaged or lost items, get a quote from a company who includes insurance in the quote, like the ones from United States of Freight. All of our shipments are insured $1 million in liability and $3 million for cargo.

Choosing a Quote that Includes Tracking

It can be nerve-wracking to choose a shipping company that you don’t hear from until the day your shipment arrives. That’s why it’s best to consider a quote from a freight delivery service which includes tracking. Here at United States of Freight, we’re with you every step of the shipment process. And, we send you progress reports and even pictures of your shipment while it’s on its way to the shipment destination! Of course, these tracking services are all included in the initial quote.

Get a Free Quote from United States of Freight

Now that you know what you need to consider before getting a quote from a freight delivery service, you can start seeking out companies which meet your shipping needs. Find out how much it would be to ship with the experts at United States of Freight by filling out our FREE quote contact form right from our website!

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